Mar 18, 2011

Fashion Friday: Disturbing Fashion News

Over the last week, I've read two different fashion-related "news" articles that have scared me a bit.  I feel it is only responsible of me to bring them to your attention, in an effort to fight back, in one case, and dispel nasty rumors, in the other.  

First, A Single Girl DC alerted me to a CNN story, claiming that "fanny packs are making a comeback."  The video is here, but you don't even need to watch it to know that it's just bullshit.  However, you should watch it anyway, because the part that irks me the most is that they interview a girl in Dupont Circle, strutting around in her $3 leather fanny pack, acting like she's on the cutting edge of fashion.  I mean, for the love of Manolo, DC doesn't need any extra bad fashion press. 

According to the story, since bedazzled and insanely expensive fanny packs have been appearing on the runway (see a slideshow and WSJ article on the same topic here), some chick in Dupont suddenly looked fashionable in the eyes of CNN.  Right, because everything that you see on the runway is totally transferable to the real world.  

I'll be honest - one or two of the little whiskey-colored leather contraptions that look like belts with a little flap attached (I will not call it a fanny pack) are actually sorta cute, albeit from a 1992 runway.  But I'm seriously afraid of the slippery slope factor here.  Please, good people of DC, don't let the crazy woman in the video warp your brains.  I will absolutely lose my mind if I start seeing fanny packs everywhere.  The tourists are bad enough.

Second, I saw a blurb for this article yesterday, claiming that the story was about the average number of shoes a woman owns and putting that number at 17.  You can imagine that my mouth must have dropped open when first reading that blurb.  I mean, that number seems insanely low.  But then I actually clicked on the link and found that the article was actually about the average number of heels a woman owns - 17.  (Lesson learned: never trust a fashion article blurb from The Kane Show.)  That I find more believable.  And actually, given that I wear flats or wedges more often than heels on most days (I'm lazy ... and old) that might be a little on the high side, from my perspective. Granted, my closet is stuffed full of shoes that I don't wear often enough, but I'm not sure those count, if I rarely wear them. How about you ladies?  How many pairs of heels do you own and regularly wear?



  1. I actually counted how many pairs of shoes I own back in December- I'm currently at 102 pairs. I'd say roughly a 1/3 to 1/2 of those are heels, not counting boots with yeah... 17, huh... haha

  2. Fanny packs?! Not okay. I do like those little leather crossbody bags that people wear, but I can never seem to fit all my crap in there!

  3. All right, don't hate me, but I've often said that I wish fanny packs weren't so damn ugly, because they are hella convenient. I'm forever sitting my purse down at bars, just leaving it for anyone to rifle through, because I'm a drunken idiot. Or something.

    As for how many heels I own?

    I don't want to count. lol

  4. At a dinner party I hosted recently one of my buddies said (in reference to a senior officer we don't like), "yeah, that guy is a whole fanny pack full of cool". I thought of you and this post. And then my tie-dye fanny pack I wore to Disneyland when I was 10.

  5. I watching a rerun of BH 90210 (the original) from about 1994ish, and Steve Sanders rolled up to the KEG House car wash with is fanny pack. I guess he didn't want to get the keys to his Corvette or the digits from the Alpha girl he was chatting up last night all wet. It was bitchin'. Don't hate. D.C.'s just 18ish years behind the times.

  6. i was just talking to a friend that i wished the fanny pack would come back into style... mostly bc i think they would come in handy when traveling.
    ... but i also only own about 5 high heels that i never wear. i'm obviously not the person this post is targeted to. :)