Sep 30, 2011

Fashion Friday: Men's Accessories

Months ago, I did a Men's Edition of Fashion Friday. For so many reasons, there just isn't quite as much to talk about in men's fashion to justify a more regular post, but I've been getting a lot of questions lately -- about men and from men -- so I figured it was time for another chapter in Fashion Friday for Men.

The Dude is helping me out on this one (see, we can be friends!) -- so here are some of our thoughts on a few categories of men's accessories (color-coded, of course!):

1. Watches. Far and away, if there is any accessory that -- to me -- exudes sexy confidence, it's a watch. For whatever reason, it just is. I'm not a watch snob -- I don't think it has to be ridiculously expensive to be sexy. It just has to look nice. A classic metal or leather band with a large, manly face and you're good to go. Real men wear watches.

The Dude says: I am a HUGE watch advocate. I've been rocking one since the Swatch days (holy hell, how old did I just sound?). I think a nice watch is a must. There's a difference between "nice" and "expensive."  By all means, if you have the coin, get a nice Omega or Tag Heuer. But if not, you honestly can't go wrong with two of my favorites: Relic or Fossil. My favorite watch was a Relic with a really cool, rustic metal face, and it cost only $65. 

Watches can also be a great ice breaker. If a woman wants to know the time, maybe she'd rather ask a guy with a watch instead of breaking the phone out of her purse. Just stay away from the watches all pimped out in diamonds or zircon. It defeats the actual purpose of a watch if you can't read the time because you are blinded by the bling.

2. Ties. As someone who had to be G-d up for work the past five years (I now wear the same ugly clothes every single day, although Sassy might disagree slightly on that one) I have a wide selection of ties. I admit, before that job in D.C., I had worn a suit MAYBE three times in my life. Needless to say, I had been out of the tie game for a while. I found that I got the most compliments from people (mostly from other guys -- guys compliment other guys on good ties like girls do with shoes) when I wore a paisely patterned tie.  So I did what any normal person would do: stocked up on paisely ties. It has to at least compliment the shirt AND the suit, you can't just throw too many crazy different colors together. Otherwise then you'd be the Joker.

Sassy says: Whether you go traditional, skinny or bow tie, just make sure that it works for you. You know what your look is and what you can pull off -- stick with that. And if bow ties are your thing, be sure to check out Eliot's handcrafted wares at Accoutre. He has some really great designs up there.

3. Belts. I have two simple rules here -- match your shoes and nothing braided. I mean, seriously? Braided belts are for girls.

The Dude says: I agree with Sassy on this (although I have made the deadly mistake before of rocking a brown belt with black shoes). (Wait, what -- you have? It's probably a good thing I didn't know this earlier.) I'm going to give my own personal opinion on it though. I like to wear a belt with a subdued buckle, especially for work. If you are wearing a belt with a bright chrome-ish or gold buckle, you might as well be wearing flashing lights down there, too, because everyone's eyes will go straight to the buckle (and then probably to the crotch area) and that could be ... distracting.

And when you're out on the town, try to stay away from the giant belt buckles. You aren't repping the National Rodeo Association or currently have a music video out.

4. Necklaces. Unless it's religious, you're a 45-year-old surfer, or pitch for the Boston Red Sox (even then, guys, have some dignity) you shouldn't rock a necklace. The days of rope chains and Mr. T-like medallions died a long time ago. Although I would totally give props to someone who went the extreme other direction and started sporting a Flavor Flav clock around the neck. 

Sassy says: Yeah. What he said. Except for that ridiculous dig you got in there.

5. Bracelets. By far, the best question I got recently went like this: "I just saw a dude wearing an ankle bracelet. That's not ok, right?" It still makes me laugh. And no, I say, definitely not ok. No ankle bracelets OF ANY KIND. Ever. As for regular bracelets, I'm sometimes ok with different varieties of the rubber "cause" bracelets, but don't overdo it. Anything else you should probably just stay away from.

The Dude says: Yeah, ankle bracelets on ANY guy are just not good.  As far as "cause" bracelets, I've worn a "Support Our Troops" camo colored bracelet for four years, so I agree with that. I'll take it a bit further and show my kid-at-heart (or nerdy side, however you want to see it) and rock a silly band.  You may laugh, but you'd be surprised how many people have said, "Is that a silly band? What is it?" Then you think you're cool until you show them it's the Bat symbol or the lightning bolt from The Flash ... But hey, if you're confident enough to rock one, you're confident enough to deal with the jokes that could (most likely would) come with it.

And Sassy says (because I always get the last word): Oh yeah, you really are a nerd. If anyone wants to send The Dude a package in Iraq, clearly send comic books ... or silly bands!

Got anything to add? Let us know!

Happy Friday!


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