Sep 9, 2011

Fashion Friday: Rain Gear

Well, since it's been raining for about 17 days straight, I'm going to talk about rain gear today. Is anyone really surprised? Should have seen this one coming from a mile away.  

Listen, it's rainy, hot, sticky, suuuuuuper wet and just plain miserable outside lately. It's hard to wake up in the morning and give a shit about anything - hair, makeup, clothes - knowing that you have to trudge through the swamp to get to work. I know how you feel. Someone pointed out yesterday that I'd hit my third f-bomb on Twitter for the day and asked if everything was ok. It's safe to say that the weather has put me in a cranky mood.

But, we trudge on, and especially when we might have happy hour, dinner or even date plans after work, we still want to try to look our best despite Mother Nature's best attempts to keep us celibate. And that means: cute rain gear.  

Honestly, I do get a little excited when I get to break out my rain gear. I have at least four pairs of rainboots, with another pair on order, and probably twice as many umbrellas. And most of my friends know that I have a slight issue when it comes to coats. I love them. I have to set a limit for myself - one new coat per season, or I go completely overboard. Case in point? I've already purchased a new fall coat.

Even though my rain gear cheers me up, this week has just been so warm and muggy that I haven't been using it religiously. I did finally wear rain boots in to work today, and though my legs felt sticky when I pulled them off after getting to work, I was still glad I did. But because the weather is still summer-like, I'm only going to talk umbrellas and rain boots today. We'll get to rain coats once (I think) it's actually cool enough to necessitate a coat.

Now I know this can be a bit of a pain, but I think it's important that your outerwear look is coordinated with the rest of your look. What this means for rain boots and umbrellas is that: 1. they should compliment each other and 2. they should also compliment whatever clothes you're wearing. If you only plan to own a single pair of rain boots, this means you want to choose a color or pattern that you can envision working with everything in your wardrobe. Those floral rain boots might be super cute, but you don't want to have to wear neutrals every rainy day to avoid being that girl in plaid pants and floral boots. (This is why I end up with multiple pairs - black, pink, floral, plaid and polka-dot!) Plus, you can always dress up a plain rain boot with a fun, cuff-over liner.

And here's a tip for those of you considering a Hunter welly purchase - if you don't want to shell out the $125 or so for Hunter boots, but still want everyone to think you're wearing Hunter? Just wear these Hunter rain boot liners with your $25 Target rain boots! 

As for umbrellas, same idea about neutrals and complimenting your wardrobe. But when I'm buying an umbrella, I also want to be sure it's big enough to keep my handbag from getting wet on my shoulder (without also monopolizing the entire sidewalk), auto-open, resistant to those giant gusts of wind, and easy to carry or stuff in my bag. I stick with a compact umbrella or a crooked handle if I go full-size, because it's easy to hook over my arm or bag when I'm not using it. I'm also more likely to love an umbrella with a wooden handle, whatever the size - it just looks classier!

So here a few ideas for umbrellas and wellies, if this weather has convinced you to make a purchase or two over the weekend. (The links below each picture will take you to where you can buy these.) Stay dry!

Rain Boots in various colors and prices:

Hunter Original Gloss in Violet
Ralph Lauren Rossalyn II in Zebra
(animal print is always a neutral!)
Chinese Laundry Bog in Fuchsia

Target Zetta Rain Boot in Yellow 
Target Wedge Rain Boot in Black

Rain boot liners to keep your feet nice and toasty when the weather turns cold:

from Target
from Nordstrom

And of course, umbrellas:
Happy Friday!



  1. I covet that last umbrella...hope it's still available, or you'll have a heartbroken freckled gal on your hands.

  2. As of now, it is! I don't post any of the "out of stock" links when I put stuff up, I promise. :)