Apr 3, 2012

From the Trenches: FunEmployment Weeks #2 and #3

Let's just say that FunEmployment Week #2 was a little rougher than Week #1. I got called for a pretty great interview, but the dates kept getting pushed further back and I was starting to stress about whether it would come through. I locked down my social calendar, since I'm not so good as saying "really, just one drink" if I go out to meet someone and I was afraid I was going to feel pretty guilty paying for those five drinks and then finding that I didn't get the job. I was kinda a hermit, and a grumpy hermit at that. But, there were still some lessons to be learned from last week:

1. Getting up in the morning and changing from the sweatpants you wore to bed to another pair of sweatpants totally counts as getting dressed. I mean, at least you're not wearing the clothes you slept in.

2. Putting "catch up on The Good Wife" on your to-do list makes it feel ok to spend the whole day watching t.v. on your couch.

3. Being unemployed during a transition season, when all you want to do is shop and get ready for spring and summer, kinda blows. Too much guilt in shopping.

4. Getting out for a run or something every day is incredibly important to your sanity. It might be all that saved me on some of the more boring days. And even more important after I decided to make a double batch of chocolate chip cookies for shits and giggles one day. Although most of those are still sitting around the apartment.

5. As it turns out, being in Crystal City during normal weekday hours can provide endless entertainment in the form of people watching. I really should have sat out taking pictures for Fashion Friday. The don'ts, not the do's, people.

Luckily, the end is in sight though. I had an interview yesterday that went incredibly well and I will be starting with a big D.C. firm shortly. It's not exactly how I pictured things working out, but I'm happy. I spent the afternoon on the Mall yesterday, because, why not? I walked around and took some pictures like a tourist, totally rode the carousel, popped in to the Natural History Museum and then strolled over to sit around the edge of the Washington Monument and people watch. It was chilly, but sunny, and I'm sporting a little more color in my cheeks today.

And today? Today, the Red Sox are in town. I don't know if I've ever mentioned on here that I'm a huge BoSox fan, but I am. (By the way, The Dude is a diehard Yankees fan, if that gives you any insight into how tough our relationship was from April to October some years.) Anyway, one of my very good friends from that firm I first worked for out of law school bought me tickets for the game as a birthday present last month and I'm so excited to spend this sunny afternoon with her at Nationals Stadium. I was excited for the game either way, but now that I have a new job lined up, I really feel like I can enjoy the last few days of FunEmployment.

And I'm starting to think maybe these couple weeks off were exactly what I needed to put life back in perspective for me. I guess we never really know when something that seems like a burden might actually be a blessing in disguise.



  1. CONGRATS -- that's awesome news!! Go celebrate and enjoy today :)

  2. Congratulations on the new job! That's really exciting! YAY!

  3. Thanks, ladies! Y'all are the best cheerleaders.