Nov 8, 2012

I Survived the Move

I know I've been a bit quiet in these parts, y'all. Let me tell you how things have been going:

I moved. In the middle of Hurricane Sandy.

Sure, for all of you who had the day off of work in DC because Metro was closed and hunkered down at home with chili and cornbread and an SVU marathon, Sandy seemed like no big deal. Your windows didn't get blown in like you were expecting and you didn't have to rely on that bathtub full of water that the news told you to prep.

I get it. You think Sandy was a big wuss.

But it was a little different for me. My move was scheduled for that Monday. As the date got closer, I obsessively checked the weather report, trying to figure out whether Monday was best or pushing it back to Tuesday or even Wednesday morning would be smarter. When I went to bed Sunday night, it seemed like the worst wasn't supposed to hit until Monday afternoon, it would be raining still on Tuesday and then we might not have power, and so it seemed best to just go ahead with Monday morning.

When I woke up Monday morning, there was a shit ton more rain and wind than I expected. The moving company decided they'd go ahead though. "We move in blizzards, this is just some rain!" they told me.

I mean, I don't know what else to say except that they got it done. They broke more stuff than in any other move I've ever done, but I tried not to be a bitch about it, because ... well, they were moving me in a hurricane. Some of my stuff got wet, but nothing too bad. And by early Monday afternoon, everything (or everything I had managed to finish packing) was piled up in my new place.

And then it took a couple of days of unpacking before I could really move around the new place easily. I love my new apartment and how it feels like a house, but it is approximately 200 sq ft smaller than my old place. It was a challenge, with all those boxes, for a couple of days. And then I had to finish cleaning out the old place and bring all those odds and ends back to the new apartment. You guys know how it is -- moving is just a giant clusterfuck of a process.

But it's done now. And I took the very last unpacked boxes down to recycling today. There are just a few things left to hang on the walls. And only a couple things I might have to ask a man for help with.

I managed to only slightly alienate my family and friends and cause only a handful of fights with a particular person ... but I think things are getting back to normal on all fronts. For all my dramatic interludes, I suppose I survived.

Change is good.


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